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               Erik Nyman is gaining recognition for his vivid style of photography.

               Extensive lighting techniques are mixed with a commercial feel to create one of a kind, inspiring images.


He is located in Calgary and travels across the globe in search of the next career defining image.




Since the age of 16, when he was legally allowed to drive, Erik’s passion for automobiles was prominent. Weekends were spent with friends, modifying vehicles. Anything from engine rebuilds to painting and sound systems.

Initially wanting to pursue a career in Film, Erik spent the majority of his high-school years shooting/editing videos for multiple assemblies, film competitions and local companies. From there, he enrolled in Film School in Vancouver, BC to further study the fundamentals of film production.

Out one day with the local car scene, Erik happened to have a cheap point-and-shoot camera in hand. One click of the shutter button, and a new passion for photography was born.

Since then, the vehicle purchases, rebuilds and modifications have continued. The pictures have as well.

Summer 2017, Erik decided to venture into the Calgary car scene and test the market for another Automotive Photographer. Seeing how his style is much different from others in the city, as well as across North America, he made the decision to transition careers in 2018.




Erik requires a blend of top-quality and reliability. For him, Nikon/Tamron has never failed. For the clients that need “just a little bit more”, the new D850 is available. The gap between it and Medium Format in image quality is now non-existent.

               Not a comprehensive list:

               Nikon D850

               Nikon D750

               Nikon 50mm

               Nikon 85mm

               Tamron 15-30mm VC

               Tamron 70-200mm VC

               Custom Car Rig (rig shots)

               Custom Roller Rig (rolling shots)

               Phantom 3

               Godox AD600 / Profoto B1 Strobes

               Multiple filters, gels, modifiers.





               When available, every shoot is pre-storyboarded and meticulously planned.

               Taking the time for every client is what differentiates a good starting point for a photograph.


Erik makes sure that your vision is attainable on each and every shot.