The Final Word About Cameras And Lenses

"Shoot with the camera that you have the most fun with. Great composition, lighting and the ability to pull an expression out of your subject will give you BETTER QUALITY images than any camera or lens out there. If a retro looking Fuji XT-2 makes you want to shoot more and it feels the best in your hands....use it. If you like the feel of a Sony....use it. If you prefer the compact nature of an Olympus 4/3 setup....use it."


Marketing is everywhere....YouTube Photography Channels, Magazines, Commercials, Photography Forums, Friends....

The notion that purchasing the highest megapixel bodies and sharpest lenses will improve our photography the quickest, is false.

Lighting, posing subjects, pulling an expression out of someone, post processing workflow, composition, knowledge of interior design, product management and color theory makes the photograph.

Erik NymanComment