For Real Estate Agents:

Professional-grade photography will point clients to selling features of a property and get them in the door. Professional realty will make the sale and gain the next listing. I am dedicated to distinguishing your brand and driving customers to you.

I am not a run and gun photographer that shoots multiple $500k properties per day. I don’t use HDR techniques or utilize wide angle lenses to create an unrealistic sense of space. My focus is always on professional-grade photography, composition and lighting that displays the architectural and interior design details. I keep it realistic, intriguing and the highest quality possible.

I use professional equipment on all my shoots and have one simple goal in mind. “Use artificial light in creative, magical ways to establish my signature look, drawing potential buyers to the listing.”



Do you use HDR (High Dynamic Range)?

   -   I currently do not use this technique. In order to maintain my look for my real estate clients, I use an off camera strobe technique that I have been developing over the past 5 years. It is reliable, consistent, professional and unique. Through this method, I am able to add my signature style that is unattainable with HDR.


Do you use a wide angle lens?

   -   Not unless absolutely required. I find that when photographers use one, it becomes very difficult to maintain an accurate representation of space and perspective is skewed between foreground and background objects. The last thing you need for your brand is a client telling you that the interior space looked bigger in photographs. The majority of my images are shot with a 24mm Tilt Shift lens. The detail images are shot with an 85mm prime.


Will the colour be accurate?

   -   I am very adamant on colour calibration. My monitor is calibrated weekly. During the shoot, I utilize a ColorChecker device to make sure that my whites are white and all other colours are the proper shade. Not only is this a standard for photographers on commercial shoots, but I also bring the same quality to high-end real estate.


How long do you need access to the properties?

   -   To accurately photograph a 5000+ sq ft. space in the highest quality, I can require up to 7 hours on site. If I am delivering 30 photos, I get to spend 15 minutes getting each photo correct in camera. Great composition, straight verticals and lighting for my signature style takes time.


How many photos will I get?

   -   My focus is on keeping as high a quality as possible. Too many images allow the romance to slip away and convince the client that they know enough about the property to dismiss it. I sell sizzle….not an insurance inventory. For all base packages I include a minimum of 2 daytime exterior shots. The remainder will be interior photographs and any artistic angles that show architectural selling features.


What post processing or Photoshop work do you include?

   -   I include all post processing work needed to create images like the ones in my portfolio. This includes all colour correction, perspective/distortion control, sharpening, local adjustments and a bit of Photoshop voodoo.


How do you deliver photos?

   -   Delivered via email (Dropbox or Google Drive link). I include 2 sets of images, at different resolutions. One for print, one for web.


What photograph resolutions do you provide?

   -   6000px on the long edge for print in JPEG format. AdobeRGB Colour Space.

   -   Maximum MLS sizing in JPEG format. sRGB Colour Space.